About Auguste At Auguste, we offer event owners a simple way to discover ideas for corporate events, client-centric events, business meetings and company parties by browsing our curated event marketplace. Each curated event is an embodiment of awesome venue, fine food and unique experiences that is memorable and more often than not, the talk of the town.

Our Motivation

We aim to alleviate the hassle of event owners from ideation, searching and liaising amongst multiple counterparties in the event planning process so that event owners can focus their time and effort in delivering core event objectives and desired outcomes i.e. plenty of face time interacting with customers, partners and team.

Know our Merits

We are crazy about our work so it pushes us to get better every day



Every curated event is created with the end objective in mind, weighing in on the participants and in consideration of the overall theme, along with doses of inspiration and a dash of analytics. In short, we crack our brains in conjuring the perfect experience for your guests so you don't have to.



Honesty is the conerstone of our business. Being an unbiased marketplace, event owners enjoy an awesome event with a simplified planning process while event venues and content providers get to showcase themselves and fill up their calendars. No one party has to be better off at the expense of another! Think Win-Win!



As we are the main contact point, communication is definitely our strength. Rest assured to be timely updated when it matters. We are always on top of it.



"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much". Trust that we got your back and is equally vested in achieving the overall event purpose and outcome.



Obsession is an understatement when it comes to ridding off inefficiencies. What drives us is our passion to simplify and make convenient areas that will get back time in your day to do the more important things in life.

Our Strengths

Unique event ideas

Get your dose of inspiration for corporate events by browsing our curated event marketplace. See what amazing events are currently available and the awesome venues they are hosted at.

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Browse, view venues' availability and book events 24/7 with only a few clicks. Free cancellation within 48 hours after booking.

Event management tools

Use our online event management tools to increase productivity and manage your event in a breeze - manage your guestlists, send digital invitations and monitor RSVPs.