Private Nonya Dine at Straits Chinese Esplanade

Straits Chinese Restaurants | South
  • 20 to 300 guests

  • 3 hours

  • Privacy

Enjoy your nonya favourites at Straits Chinese Restaurants, Singapore's Oldest Nonya Restaurant Chain since 1953. Traditional recipes that were handed down the generation are used in this restaurant to ensure only the most authentic cuisine gets served to guests. Also, only the freshest selection of ingredients and spices get used as guests deserve the best. 

Straits Chinese also ensures that all guests leave having undergone an all round traditional experience. Each wall which this humble eatery is enclosed in is carefully designed to give guests a walk through time. With frames to traditional Peranakan patterns and even Peranakan pottery shelved high up on the walls


    Gold Menu

    1. Nonya Platter (Nonya Popiah & Nonya Nogh Hiang)
    2. Miniature Crab BanWan Soup
    3. Red Snapper Assam Pedas
    4. Udang Mentega
    5. Scallop with XO Sauce
    6. Nonya Ayam Rendang (w/ Chap Chye & Nasi Kuning)
    7. Nonya Sago Pudding
    8. Nonya Kueh


  • Projector
  • Mic and Sound


Event Purpose

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