Say Thanks with a Team Gratitude Board at Dorjeh

Dorjeh | South
  • 10 to 20 guests

  • 3 hours

  • Privacy

Ever wanted to show your appreciation to a certain someone but are just too afraid to verbally say it or physically show it? Or maybe you just feel that there's a lack of connection between you and your colleagues. Well fret not! Dojeh has got the right thing for you!

Introducing Dorjeh's Team Grattitude Board Workshop, the Workshop where you and your teamates bond over art. Companies that practice gratitude and bonding experience improvements such as: 

  • Lower turnover
  • Higher employee engagement & happiness
  • Reduced impatience
  • Improved team relationships
  • A more “human” workplace culture, and
  • Boosts brain functions & productivity

Upon arrival, you and your team will be seated together before being allowed to select the design of board you and your team would like to do. You will then be taught how to do basic crafts such as paper folding. Afterwards, you and your team will be given time to do up your final gratitude board. Don't worry if you struggle to come up with ideas, Dorjeh's studios are filled with many other types of artworks to serve as an inspiration for all. 

The Team Gratitude Board Workshop can be conducted at either Dorjeh's studios or at the location of your choice. 



  • WiFi
  • Projector


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